A WORD ON PRICE2019-02-10T10:51:57-04:00

We live in an age where sales for “up to 70% off” of everything from dish soap to sweaters are not unusual. Some brands aren’t ever not on sale. But how often do we stop to think, how can they do that and still be profitable?

The answer is simple. Exploitation. Exploitation of resources, and exploitation of workers (find out how many slaves work for you here ) My degree was in political science and my major was third world politics. The more you know about the consumer system, the less you can bear to be a part of it.

I’m working on my own “homewares” version of Elizabeth Suzann’s post on the ethics of pricing in fashion, which you can read here, but in the meantime I want to very briefly explain why sales and discounts are not a big part of our business plan.

The brands that we sell on Helen Milan are rarely sold at a discount since the mark-up is actually very small compared to mass produced versions of similar products. We work with small, independent and ethical companies that compete with the less sustainable (and much less ethical) market, despite the smaller profit margins.

Please know that when we hold any kind of sale, the discount will not be huge for these reasons.