A Dreamy South of France Retreat is What Everyone Needs Right Now

A Dreamy South of France Retreat is What Everyone Needs Right Now

When Aether Founder Kristina Adam held her first Muse Retreat in the South of France earlier this month, Instagram worthy images were guaranteed, as was a little FOMO for those of us left behind. Surrounded by lush forests, sunflower fields, and the sleepy French villages of the Occitanie region, the Muse Retreat promised a nourishing wellness journey, dedicated entirely to recharging body and spirit and awakening the feminine essence within.

Doused in natural light and organic materials, the expansive Aether Retreat Villa offered a stunning setting for an intimate group of women from across the world to reconnect with themselves and nature’s rhythm. Here, each day of the Retreat provided a transformative experience, a journey through the five senses and elements intentionally curated and guided by Aether Founder Kristina Adam.

Through nourishing wellness practices, healing deep relaxations, and peaceful evening ceremonies, the Los Angeles based Wellness Expert cultivated meaningful moments of stillness, movement, and connection, encouraging attendees to slow down and create space within to tune into their body's innate wisdom.

Above: Retreat Guests experience lymphatic drainage instruction using Helen Milan's Dry Face Brush.

From farm-to-table meals crafted with locally sourced ingredients by private on-site chef Stella Held to bespoke art workshops led by Malibu Artist Dionne Lewis, every part of the journey was carefully curated to fuel body and soul. In partnership with leading wellness and lifestyle brands like Helen Milan, Saje Wellness, Wildling, and Rahua Beauty, the Retreat attendees were invited to nourish and unwind in a luxurious, peaceful setting and indulge in a truly unforgettable Retreat experience designed to restore balance and enable deep, personal transformation.

Join the waitlist for the next Aether Muse Retreat in May 2023

Aether is a Los Angeles-based healing studio where the spirit of the sacred feminine is fused with energetic healing to awaken the Muse within. At the heart of Aether’s practice is a calling to invoke the spirit of feminine energy and allow for the care, nurture and unwinding needed to feel at one with the world and what it means to be a woman.

Curated wellness treatments and rituals offer an invitation to pair back the noise of the world and indulge in well-deserved moments of serenity and nourishment for a balanced life lived with intention and purpose.

It was Kristina Adam’s personal journey in discovering her feminine energy and inner Muse that led her to create Aether and guide women to experience transformative awakenings of their own. Practicing through a feminine lens, Kristina couples a signature take on Energy Healing, Yoga, and Shamanic Astrology to offer an escape from life’s demands; a place to feel nourished, cared for and deeply loved. Kristina Adam’s unique approach to wellness is a truly restorative answer.

Join the waitlist for the next Aether Muse Retreat in May 2023

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