My New Broom is Shedding!

My New Broom is Shedding!

Everything will be okay.

Watching hair fall out of anything can be alarming, but not all hair loss is equal.

Natural fibers are bonded to a wooden broom differently to plastic. Plastic bristles can be melted and fused in order to keep them from shedding. Natural fibers are bound by wire to avoid plastic and glue, so some shedding as you break in your natural fiber broom is expected.

Shedding is normal and will subside after time as you continue to use your new broom. If the shedding bothers you, you can shake or comb the loose hairs out of your broom.

Sometimes, a clump of fiber or hair might fall out of the broom head. This will not affect the functioning of the broom and losing one bundle does not mean the rest will follow.

Embrace the wabi-sabi of your natural fiber broom and you will be repaid with a beautiful sweeping experience for years to come.

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