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In stock

A copper pot scrubber is perfect for cleaning steel and aluminum pots and pans. Fine 100% copper threads gently remove tough grime. Not for use on nonstick surfaces. Machine washable at 140°F.

Set of 2

100% copper

Made in the Netherlands

Bürstenhaus Redecker have been crafting quality brushes using traditional methods, since 1935. Made from natural materials including domestic woods, bristles, hair and plant fibers, Redecker brushes are the natural alternative to plastic. 

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This Bürstenhaus Redecker copper pot scrubber keeps cast iron and stainless steel pots and pans clean and sparkling. A zero waste alternative to synthetic scrubbers, copper is machine washable and will last longer than its plastic counterparts.

A copper pot scrubber won’t rust or splinter and is the perfect tool for removing rust or build up from your iron cookware. The traditional way to clean cutlery, pots and pans, a copper pot scrubber looks pretty on the sink and is extremely hard-wearing. Bid your synthetic sponges adieu and replace them with copper. Add a wood dish brush and you’ll be on your way to a zero waste kitchen – your dishes (and Mama Earth) will thank you.

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