This wood dish brush provides a zero-waste alternative to synthetic brushes. Choose from a hard tampico brush for pots and pans or a soft horse hair brush for glassware and ceramics.

9″ L x 2″ W

HARD DISH BRUSH – a handcrafted all-purpose dish brush made from beechwood and tampico fibre that is hardy enough for pots and pans. Also available – replacement brush head (hard).

SOFT DISH BRUSH – a handcrafted soft dish brush made from beechwood and horse hair, perfect for glass and ceramics. Also available – replacement brush head (soft).

Made in Germany

Bürstenhaus Redecker have been crafting quality brushes using traditional methods, since 1935. Made from natural materials including domestic woods, bristles, hair and plant fibers, Redecker brushes are the natural alternative to plastic.