Vitruvi Single Origin Essential Oils are designed to be used on their own or in a Vitruvi Stone Diffuser (available in Black or White). A range of Essential Oil Blends are also available.

Also available – Amber dropper bottles for homemade carrier and essential oil combinations.

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil
An herbal, slightly bitter essential oil that creates a feeling of cleanliness. Also an excellent natural cleaner and solvent.

Geranium Essential Oil
A floral, slightly minty essential oil that easily fits into your beauty routine.

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Italian Sweet Orange is a fun, light essential oil that can help freshen up any space.

Organic Lemon Essential Oil
A fresh, energizing essential oil that creates a care-free, happy vibe.

Bergamot Essential Oil
French Bergamot is a comforting essential oil that’s lovely for unwinding after a long day.

Grapefruit Essential Oil
Pink Grapefruit is a rejuvenating essential oil that can brighten your moisturizer or your mood.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
An exotic, feminine essential oil that creates a floral oasis in any space.

Frankincense Essential Oil
A resinous essential oil that helps you feel grounded and relaxed.

Spruce Essential Oil
Austrian Spruce is a dynamic, woodsy essential oil that brings the outdoors in.

Cedarwood Essential Oil
A warm, woodsy essential oil that can make any room smell like a cedar sauna.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil
French Lavender is a soothing essential oil that’s perfect for creating a bedtime ritual.

Organic Eucalyptus Oil
French Eucalyptus is an invigorating essential oil that turns your shower into a spa experience. Also an excellent natural cleaner and disinfectant. 

Organic Peppermint
A fresh, bright essential oil that instantly leaves you feeling more awake.

Organic Rosemary
An herbal, slightly woodsy essential oil that doubles as a beauty staple.

Organic Lemongrass
A sweet, earthy essential oil that has a soothing, spa-like effect.