A Zero-Waste Shower Routine

A Zero-Waste Shower Routine

When it comes to bathing, there’s more to do than take less showers and spend less time running water

By Ana DeVito 

To live with zero-waste means to rethink everyday processes and how to reduce their negative environmental impacts. Here are a few ways to help kick-start an environmentally friendly shower routine.

Refillable, Non-toxic Products

The first step in transforming your shower routine is dependent on the types of products you use. Non-toxic shampoo, conditioner and body wash are easily available and easy to use. Look for non-toxic products that are free of nasties like sulfates, parabens and phthalates. A good guide to what to avoid can be found on clean beauty store Follain’s website in their “Restricted Ingredients List“. Avoid plastic packaging and find a store that refills bottles near you.

Bars, bars, bars!

Bars are popular among zero-wasters as they require literally no packaging. You can find solid shampoos, conditioners and all sorts of other usually liquid products online, on Etsy and in health food stores.

Wood and Natural Fiber Brushes

All-natural scrub brushes, created from wood and natural fiber are great alternatives to the synthetic brush options available at the corner store. Whether you’re looking to exfoliate your body, face, or nails, there is a scrub brush that will suit your needs.

Pumice Stone

The most common exfoliators contain plastic. A pumice stone is a great alternative and leaves skin soft and blemish free, without the use of plastic.

Safety Razor

Shaving with a safety razor is good for the earth because they have a longer life cycle and don’t contain any plastic. Shaving with a safety razor reduces skin irritation and minimize bumps and ingrown hairs while providing a closer shave that leaves skin feeling softer for longer.

Take a bucket in with you...

Water collected in a bucket that sits beside you while you shower can be used for a variety of household duties like watering plants. Also – using a bucket in the shower is a great way to determine how long you have the water running, and will encourage you to speed up the process.

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